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Interpretation: Willow Wept
cinephile series

Jessica Z Schafer Photography

Commemoration: Ode to Leopold III
cinephile series

Commemoration: Increase P. Lapham
cinephile series

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ArtPrize 2014
Artists from around the world with artwork in over 160 venues within three-square miles of downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. All competing for the world’s largest prize for art.
Cathedral Square
Heartside Neighborhood Showcase Venue

360 Division Avenue S, Grand Rapids, MI
September 24–October 12, 2014

Racine and Vicinity Show 2014
RAM's Wustum Museum of Fine Arts
2519 Northwestern Avenue, Racine, WI
August 30–November 29, 2014

Plaid Tuba Productions Affiliate
The Marshall Building

Suite 600, Studio O

207 E. Buffalo Street, Milwaukee, WI
Stop in for the next Marshall Building Open House
Gallery Night, Friday, October 17, 5 to 9 pm
Gallery Day, Saturday, October 18

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